Drawings are hand drawn on paper using mechanical pencils for light sketching and ink pens and markers. Sharon prefers using these tools because they are so versatile, allowing her to create simple lines but expressing such detail however big or small. She loves the smooth flow of the ink when it is applied to paper, a little bit of shading here and there adds depth and contrast to her drawings which gives more a dramatic look, adding a touch of colour is also effective in creating a sense of mood, highlighting areas and adding vibrancy. The marker pens she uses are great because like the ink pens they also have a smooth flow when applied to paper. Sharon uses digital colouring in artworks for printed products.

Artist drawing borad

Artist Bio

Sharon Godwin is a British Artist from Kent, she has a degree in Fashion and Textiles and a National Diploma in Fine Art. Her passion for creativity is apparent since a young age and whilst she was in education it had given her the opportunity to explore and experiment with a variety of drawing materials, techniques and processes, be inspired by other artists and designers and to learn about the history within the art and design industry. Sharon is a nature inspired artist who specialises in pen and ink drawings and design motifs of domestic and wild animals, birds, florals, landscape, seascape and sealife species. Ideas usually come easily to her, even more so when out in natures landscape looking far across the distance and the feeling of freshness in the air helps clear ones mind, allowing thoughts to run wild and ideas to take shape. Nature is her main inspiration, absorbing it's beauty, the colours, shapes and textures, she takes photographs of anything she finds of interest and also finds inspiration from Fantasy Art, Surrealism and the decorative arts of Art Nouveau. Creating unique and unusual drawings that are whimsical and fantasy fuelled, drawings within drawings and interweaving elements of nature. When it comes to art, Sharon is open minded and loves the freedom of expression.