Ink pens

Drawings are hand drawn on paper using mechanical pencils for light sketching and fineliner ink pens which are waterproof and fade proof. I prefer using these tools because they are so versatile, allowing me to create simple to complex line art, pointillism or silhouette drawings. I love the smooth flow of the ink when it is applied to paper, some shading and colour here and there adds depth and contrast to my drawings.

My name is Sharon Godwin and I am a nature inspired fantasy/surreal artist specialising in small scale pen and ink drawings. My passion for drawing is apparent since a young age and has been ever since. Ideas usually come easily to me, even more so when out in natures landscape looking far across the distance and the feeling of freshness in the air helps clear ones mind, allowing thoughts to run wild and ideas to take shape. Nature is my main source of inspiration, absorbing it's beauty, the colours, shapes and textures, I also take photographs of anything I find of interest and I also find inspiration from the decorative arts. I create unique dreamlike and unusual drawings that are whimsical, surreal and fantasy fuelled. When it comes to art, I am open minded and love the freedom of expression.